About Us

A History of Reliable Service & Customer Satisfaction: ESC Central is a UL Listed Central Station located in Birmingham, Alabama. Our sister company, Electronic Supply, began its distribution operation in 1956. After five years of continued success, we opened our monitoring station to further serve the needs of independent dealers. In 1998, ESC Central began its quest to become a UL listed Central Station and achieved certification in August 1999. Today, we are working harder than ever to provide affordable and reliable security solutions to you and your customers.


Meeting everyone’s needs: ESC Central utilizes state-of-the-art, computerized communication equipment. The facility is UL Listed, providing redundant back-up systems, including computer, phone, and emergency power. The building was constructed to meet the specific needs of a central station. The perimeter walls are concrete-filled block. The roof is inset below the exterior walls, to provide protection from severe weather conditions. The facility was designed with security in mind.

Built in Redundancy:  In the event of a disaster, ESC Central has a contracted location that backs up our systems daily to maintain an accurate database so monitoring can be handled remotely.


Professionally trained operators ready to respond: You can depend on our professionally trained operators to assist you with your emergency needs. Our operators have completed extensive training and are ready to respond to your needs. A company is only as good as their people…and we have some of the best!


Whether you are at home or away, you can be assured that ESC Central is taking care of all your customers’ needs.

Providing your Security Monitoring Solutions Twenty-Four Seven