Standard Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Standard Fire Alarm Monitoring

Specialized Supervisory Alarms: We monitor alarms such as temperature alarms, Chicken houses, and other devices designed to detect specialized conditions.

Video Monitoring: Video verification has increasingly become an area of interest for the security industry. We strive to provide our dealers with as many opportunities as possible while maintaining the efficiency of standard monitoring.

Elevator Phones: Ever wondered where those phones go in an elevator? Many of our dealers have accounts set up for them to report to us and we will notify the appropriate response agency in the event of a malfunctioning elevator.

Dealer Billing: Dealer billing is offered in several convenient payment cycles. You can choose between a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual bill. You also have the option of automatic credit card payments.

Customer Billing Made Simple: Customer billing enables you to concentrate more on sales while we handle the billing for you. We can bill the customer, make necessary deductions, and send you a check every month. Itís that simple!

Answering Service: We give dealers the ability to have all calls forwarded to our staff for prompt answering. The service can be utilized all the time or simply after hours. Now your business can be notified of all calls in one of several different ways. You tell us how to handle your calls and we will take care of the rest.

Dealer Access: Account information can be retrieved through a standard web browser, using an encrypted connection to the Internet. We provide secure access to real-time information, providing the capability to submit changes, get reports, place your accounts on/off test, and see signals as they are received.

Activity Notification: Daily activity notification by fax or e-mail lets you see what occurred the previous day on all of your accounts. You may also choose to be notified on zone types as the signals come in. You tell us what you need to know to allow you to better service your customers and we will set it up.

Mobile Devices: The Mobile system allows dealers to put accounts on or off test and read alarm history from their cellular phone.

Two Way Audio: Two-way audio alarm verification service allows the central station to talk directly to the subscribers alarm system. Alarm signals can be verified for accuracy prior to dispatch. This system increases the efficiency in the handling medical alarms. Our operators follow strict procedures to verify if an actual emergency exists and contacts key people or rescue personnel based on the needs of the customer.

Senior Welfare Checks: We have an added service for our dealers to utilize with our without medical monitoring. ESC Central can set up a random or standard time for our automation system to generate an alarm so that an operator can call and check on the customer.

Alternative Signal Delivery: Alternative means of signal transmission is increasingly important due to changes in phone service. †ESC Central provides the dealer with information needed to increase your recurring revenue and strengthen signal delivery by adding services such as GSM, IP monitoring, and more.

  • AlarmNet
  • Connect 24 (DSC Products)
  • DMP
  • DSC TLink
  • IPdatatel
  • Teldat: Firelite/SilentKnight/Notifier
  • Radionics
  • Telular

Dealer Training: ESC Central coordinates trainings throughout the year to allow dealers to obtain continued education. We also provide central station procedure instruction either in our training room or at the dealer's office.

Data Entry Efficiency: We understand that each customer you have may have different needs. Our Data Entry Department is trained to utilize our automation system to better serve those specialized needs. There are procedures in place so that each account entered into our system is verified for accuracy and a copy is sent back for your records.